How can I know if my dentist is ethical?

You will be happy to hear that Loveable Smiles was awarded the Dallas Business Journal’s North Texas Business Ethics Award in 2010. We feel that our integrity is above reproach and is the most important thing we have. You can be sure that we will always be honest and direct with you and explain things in ways that are completely understood by our friends and patients. We believe in following the “Platinum Rule” which is better than the “Golden Rule”. This means that we not only treat you as WE would like to be treated, we treat you the way YOU want to be treated.



Technology is changing the dental experience - for patients and for dentists. We are constantly amazed at the new possibilities that technology can provide. We think you will be, too! New technology enables us to: Ensure greater comfort - reduces or eliminates pain Maximize safety - improve … [Read More...]



At Loveable Smiles, we believe in providing our patients with a complete package of services combining our experience, technology, skill, and advanced techniques to ensure optimum results and total satisfaction. We look forward to providing you with the quality of care you value and deserve! Click … [Read More...]

Loveable Smiles Dr Korenman, Richardson, TX


Loveable Smiles Lawrence J. Korenman, DDS 1410 N. Plano Road, Suite 200Richardson, TX 75081972.231.0585972.231.5753 fax Google Map Contact Loveable Smiles via Email …[Read More...]

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Loveable Smiles in Richardson

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Spring Clean Your Teeth at Loveable Smiles in Richardson

Spring Clean Your Teeth at Loveable Smiles in Richardson

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